The Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy, Costa Mesa, California

2016 Holiday Party Invitation Join us for the 28th Annual Shuyokan Holiday Dinner and Awards Party on Saturday, December 3rd !
Tickets go on sale at Shuyokan on October 3rd through November 14th.
Where: Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
When: Doors open at 5pm / Dinner at 6pm
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Important Note: The dojo will be closed from December 19th to the 24th for the holidays.

Don't miss these dates Parents MUST be aware of these important Registration dates! Be sure to read the detailed information below.

Welcome to the Headquarters of the Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy. The Academy offers classes in self-defense for kids ages 7 years to 17 years of age.

The goal of the Samurai Cop Academy is to provide practical self-defense training for the youth in our communities. The courses are designed to help increase the students self-confidence level while learning to arm themselves with the knowledge and personal skills needed to be better prepared to face a physical confrontation.

The following registration information applies to our Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt Academy courses held at the Shuyokan Martial Arts Center.

Below is a list of the starting and ending dates for classes commencing in January 2017. There is typically a one-week break between each 12-week session. Please take note of the due dates by which registration must be received.

  1. All registration fees for Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt Academy Classes will be made directly through the Dojo and not through the Recreation Department.
  2. Payment methods accepted at the Dojo: check, cash or credit card. Make checks payable to A.F.C.
  3. Class registration fees must be received on or before the dates listed below. Late registration will result in a 10% administrative late fee added to the stated registration fee(s). Failure to register on time may result in your child losing their position in the class.
  4. Class sessions are 12 weeks in length and all students shall remain in the same class(es) they are either currently enrolled in or will be enrolled in for the 2017 sessions.

One class day per week = $108
Two class days per week = $130

2017 Class Sessions Registration Must be
Received on or BEFORE
Session 1 : Jan 3 to Mar 25 Dec 15, 2016
Session 2 : Apr 4 to Jun 24 Mar 15, 2017
Session 3 : Jul 6 to Sep 23 Jun 15, 2017
Session 4 : Oct 3 to Dec 23 Sep 15, 2017
NOTE: Memberships paid late will increase
by 10% for all future 2017 registrations.

Registration is the obligation and responsibility of the child's parent or guardian, making sure your child's registration class fee is paid on time in order to guarantee their position in class. In order to handle student growth, additional classes may be created in the future to make sure there is adequate room for all students to participate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sensei Dye at the Dojo.

Date Posted: October 12, 2016

Teen Road To Safety

"The Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy highly endorses and recommends the Teen Road To Safety Driving Courses and Classroom programs. These courses and programs are designed to help young teen drivers in our community improve their driving skills as drivers of motor vehicles by teaching them safe and proven driving skills and techniques used when operating a motor vehicle." - Sensei David Dye, Advanced Driving Course Instructor

Briefing Room - The Samurai Cop Newsletter

The Briefing Room is your first stop for all new and important information. Always look here if you can't find what you are looking for.

Please review the comments from parents whose children are attending the Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy.

Hawaiian Lua is now being taught on Mondays from 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This class is open to all parents of Recruits and any Youth Students or Samurai Cop Recruits holding the rank of 2nd kyu and up. The monthly fee is $15.00 for parents who have students currently enrolled at the dojo. Other students, both adult and youth, who train at the Dojo and wish to train in this class will also be required to pay the monthly fee of $15.00. Students are required to wear black workout pants and black polo shirts with a Lua patch provided and are required to purchase the Lua textbook. Students now have the opportunity to train and test for rank in Kaihewalu Hawiian Lua.

Now Available! - Shuyokan Ryu Aikido on three DVD's (or VHS videotapes) produced by Yamazato International Productions, featuring Dye Sensei and the Yudanshakai of Shuyokan. Click on any image below for more information and how to order your DVD's (or videotapes) at special prices!

Shuyokan Ryu Aikido - Vol 1 - Kotegaeshi Techniques Shuyokan Ryu Aikido - Vol 2 - Iriminage and Shihonage Techniques Shuyokan Ryu Aikido - Vol 3 - Handgun, Knife, and Club Disarming Techniques
Volume #1
Kotegaeshi Techniques
(Reverse Hand)
Volume #2
Shihonage (All Direction Throw) and Iriminage (Entering Throw) Techniques
Volume #3
Handgun, Knife, and Club Disarming Techniques

Photos by Jim Koch


    Membership Policy Change!  

All Members
Please read this very important notice.

The Importance of Breakfalls!

The importance of taking breakfalls

Click on the image above to view a short video.
(Video by Professor George Kirby
Camp Budoshin 2010)

The Samurai Cop Training Manual
is now available! This manual is required reading for all Advanced and Black Belt Academy Recruits. [read more...]

Camp Budoshin 2011

Highlights from Camp Budoshin 2011

Click on the image above to view a short video.
(Video by Professor George Kirby
Camp Budoshin 2011)

Soke David Dye Featured in the Masters Hall of Fame Online Magazine

Shuyokan Featured in the Masters Hall of Fame Online Magazine

An exclusive interview with the
martial arts icon known as "The Samurai Cop"!
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