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Sensei David Dye - The Samurai Cop

Sr. Officer David Dye, #124
Costa Mesa Police Department
Retired (1966-2000)

Sensei Dye served the community of Costa Mesa, California as a police officer for a total of 34 years. During is tenure his duties included Patrol, Investigation, Court Liaison Officer for his department and the District Attorney’s Office, Custody Officer and the departments Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor. He has been involved in Defensive Tactics training of law enforcement officers world wide and has produced an 8 volume set of video tapes on the use of Yoshinkan Aikido for Law Enforcement. He was the first Costa Mesa Police Officer to receive a letter of commendation for his years of service to the community from the President of the United States. His fellow officers gave him the nickname of the "Samurai Cop". Sensei Dye currently teaches part time as an Assistant Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy.

Sensei David Dye - The Samurai Cop

Sensei David Dye
Soke of Shuyokan Ryu

Sensei Dye began his martial arts training in 1962 and continues to this day to teach and study the martial arts. With over 40 years of training in the martial arts, Sensei Dye holds 5th Degree Black Belts in Kodokan Judo and Jujitsu, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Yoshinkan Aikido, and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate Jutsu. He has been the Chief Instructor for the Shuyokan Dojo, which has been serving the community of Costa Mesa, California since 1980. In the year 2000 he was awarded his 10th Degree Black Belt in Shuyokan Ryu by the World Professional Black Belt Martial Arts Association under the direction of Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu.

In 1993 Sensei Dye was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame receiving the Life Achievement Award. In 2000 he was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame and in 2001 into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame. In January of 2003, Sensei Dye responded to an invitation to fly to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he was involved in training members of the United States Army Special Forces - Airborne Division, as an Independent Contractor Instructor with Ki-International, in techniques that would ultimately be used for both wartime use and homeland security here in the United States.


The Samurai Cop Motto:

"To Protect and Ensure The Safety of Your Future"

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