The Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy, Costa Mesa, California

Go Fund Me Status


Shuyokan's Go Fund Me page describes the dojo's situation very well. Please take a few moments to read all about this very special project.

We've hit our goal (of $12,000) and beyond! Thank you all!

We are going to leave the page up and welcome continuing contributions since we're going to stay focused on raising funds for this worthwhile cause. Plus, don't forget that every dollar you generously give is reduced by the amount of the GoFundMe fees mentioned below, so we're not quite there yet.

No one can predict when something like a dojo will re-open – you can't get much closer to anyone than in a situation where you're working with a partner on the mat. Shuyokan will probably be among one of the last types of businesses to re-open. And although Dye Sensei and the Yudansha are working on modifying the training offered at the Shuyokan, it's impossible to say how successful we'll be. The only thing we know is that we will never give up until Shuyokan is built on a strong foundation of compassion and shrewd business standards.

BUT! Wow! What a response!

We humbly thank you all for your contributions, great spirits and love you've shown the dojo and our legendary mentor, Soke Sensei Dye.

Keep it going!

The Students of Shuyokan

Go Fund Me
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Please note: The TIP function in GoFundMe DOES NOT go to Shuyokan. It's strictly something GoFundMe uses to support their platform.

Although we are grateful for GoFundMe's great service, they already take a portion of the donation you generously send us, off the top, before any of it comes to us (2.9% + 30 cents per transaction) . That's enough in our opinion.

After you enter your donation amount look below under "Tip GoFundMe Services". It automatically sets the "Tip" amount to 30%, but feel free to change that to zero.

The person or organization who puts up a GoFundMe page is not charged anything, but a portion of every donation is claimed by GoFundMe before it ever gets to the person or organization.


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