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Hula O Pohaku Koa - Walu

Hula O Pohaku Koa - Walu consists of 8 techniques done from 8 different directions. Techniques are from Shuyokan Ryu Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, and the Halau O Kaihewalu Ohana Lua.
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Opening From Yame Hands come together in front with fingers together pointed away and then to the sky. As hands come down and separate, step to the left and into Kibadachi (Horse Stance) with the backs of hands against loins. Move into forward stance for first attack.

1. Two Handed Shoulder Grab Mahimahi (Dolphin) under wrists Pea (Bear) to ribs Mahimahi to chin         He'e (Squid) to eyes 'Io (Hawk) under chin.
2. Cross Wrist Grab (right hand) Nikajo Osae (2nd Control) Front snap kick to mid section.
3. Face Punch Outside Parry Block Outside Elbow Strike Trap Arm with Take Down and Kiai.
4. Face Punch Inside Parry Block and Strike Elbow Strike to Face.
5. Face Punch Tai Sabaki (Body Movement) Intercept Punch (Mano Shark) with Vertical Punch to Ribs.
        Grab Face (He'e Squid) and pull to ground.
6. Cross Wrist Grab (right hand) Iriminage (Entering Throw)
7. Front Strike Ippon Seionage (One Arm Shoulder Throw)
8. Face Punch Lay Block Knife Hand Ridge Hand Strikes to ribs Pea (Bear) Hikua (Strike) to face
        Pulelehua (Butterfly) with arm, rotary throw takedown into Kibadachi (Horse) Stance punch with Kiai

Closing From Kibadachi (Horse Stance) bring hands back to loins, bring hands together with fingers pointing away. As fingers are pointed to the sky, return to Yamae position with hands to side and fingers together.

Created by Sensei David Dye: 2-15-2007  

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