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Samantha Nguyen

Samantha Nguyen

2015 Scholarship Award

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Samantha Nguyen

As a student of the Shuyokan Dojo, Samantha Nguyen believed in the importance of her education, involvement in activities at school and in serving her community. As a martial artist she was a mentor, friend, leader and role model who always helped those in need of help during classes at Shuyokan.

In keeping with these values and in her memory, the Samantha Nguyen Scholarship Award has been created to help motivate students who train at Shuyokan to realize the importance of their education, leadership role and community involvement. Each year one male and one female student from Shuyokan will receive the Scholarship Award.

Commencing in 2014, and each year thereafter, students who are active members in good standing at Shuyokan, either as a Youth Student or Samurai Cop Recruit and who meet the Scholarship Criteria, are invited to apply for the Scholarship Award which is a full one year paid membership to attend classes at the Shuyokan Dojo. Applications are available at the Dojo by contacting Sensei Dye.

Students applying for the Scholarship Award must meet the criteria listed below. Applications and documentation meeting the criteria must be submitted to Sensei Dye at Shuyokan no later than August 1st of each calendar year.

A Dojo Scholarship Review Board will review the applications and make a determination based on the required criteria and documentation submitted. The two recipient names will then be announced at the annual holiday party each December.


Scholarship Award Criteria

Nominees must...

... be active members in good standing, from 5 years to 17 years of age,
... hold the rank of Purple Belt or higher in Shuyokan Ryu martial arts,
... demonstrate leadership skills during classes at the Dojo,
... maintain a "B" average grade or higher throughout the academic school year,
... submit documentation of near perfect attendance at school and the Dojo,
... submit documentation of involvement in any school or other community activities,
... have a letter of recommendation from their school teacher,
... submit a typed essay on why they should be chosen to receive the Award.


Dojo Scholarship Review Board

The Dojo Scholarship Review Board will meet each August and shall consist of Karen Nguyen, Vince Nguyen, Sensei David Dye and other Black Belt Instructors who are directly involved in the teaching of the applicants.


Posted on February 19, 2014


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Samantha Nguyen - Black Belt Presentation Samantha Nguyen - Shodan Certificate

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