The Samurai Cop Self-Defense Academy, Costa Mesa, California

The 3 A's of Survival - Mental Martial Arts


"In order to avoid, assess, or control any situation, we must first and foremost be constantly aware of all that goes on around us. For no matter how formidable the weapon we may wield, we must first be conscious of the threat."


Awareness = avoidance     Attitude = assessment     Ability = action


Awareness: Being constantly aware of our surroundings, we are more likely to avoid situations which could be potentially dangerous or even life threatening. This would seem to be the most desirable method for the martial artist.

Attitude: Maintaining and retaining the proper mental attitude and composure allows us to calmly assess the level of threat, and the appropriate steps to take.

Ability: Our physical training will enable us, if necessary, to take the proper action to control, neutralize or stop a potentially violent or life threatening confrontation.



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