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Sensei Dye Announces Shuyokan's Affiliation
and His Promotion with Shioda International Aikido Federation

At the 26th annual Shuyokan Holiday Party held on December 6, 2014 in Costa Mesa, California and attended by over 150 guests, Sensei Dye announced Shuyokan's affiliation with the Shioda International Aikido Federation.

Shuyokan's SIAF Dojo Certificate Shuyokan's SIAF Dojo Certificate
The federation was created by Yasuhisa Shioda, son of the late Gozo Shioda, to carry on his fathers legacy and dream to unite all those who teach and practice Aikido worldwide. Yasuhisa Shioda announced he would honor and recognize all documents his father issued to instructors and branch dojos prior to his passing, which includes dan grading's, dojo certificates and teaching licenses. Both Shuyokan and Sensei Dye's documents, signed by Gozo Shioda, are among those documents being honored by SIAF.

The late Gozo Shioda was a student of O'Sensei and Sensei Dye's decision to join SIAF was based on keeping the Shioda family lineage within Shuyokan which stems from the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba to the Shioda family.

Yume, Soke Yasuhisa Shioda's special calligraphy for Shuyokan
Yume, Soke Yasuhisa Shioda's special calligraphy for Shuyokan
Soke Yasuhisa Shioda also created a special calligraphy for Shuyokan which reads "Yume" and translates to "Dream", a fitting tribute to his father and which will be proudly displayed at Shuyokan.

Sensei Dye's certificate, promotion to Rokyudan Sensei Dye's certificate,
promotion to Rokyudan
Based on Sensei Dye's last promotion in 1998 and his 53 years in the martial arts, Soke Shioda also made a recommendation for his promotion in Aikido. Effective August 31, 2014 Sensei Dye was promoted to the rank of Rokyudan (6th degree) Black Belt in Aikido.

"I am grateful for Soke Yasuhisa Shioda's belief in me to help promote the growth of Aikido and carry on his father's dream. In 1980 I had the honor of interviewing Gozo Shioda. I will never forget his words to me. "Be honest, be yourself".
- Sensei David A. Dye - Shuyokan USA


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